Due to the unprecedented lockdown situation, the previously announced Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop won’t be taking place on the 23rd of April. Instead, I’m happy to announce that the main scheduled workshop talks of the workshop will occupy now the First Day Session of the upcoming Longevity2020 online conference, called Defining Biological Aging. This will happen on the 27th of April, 5pm EU: 4pm UK: 11am EST: 8am PST Monday. The conference will go on for 5 days. Longevity2020 is organised by Longevity Technology, headed by Phil Newman.

The talks will be given by Aubrey de Grey, Lynne Cox, Nir Barzilai and myself, and I will also introduce the problem to set the scene.

Please pre-register for the conference here.

Please see Longevity Technology’s previous coverage on AgeCurve called Proteomics and biological age measurement.


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