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Aging is the aggregated result of multiple, diverse and separate processes. It is our science driven belief that agings’ complexity can only be captured reliably by detecting lots of molecular patterns and reporting it back to people to learn and to assess lifestyle interventions. AgeCurve measures proteins using a small amount of your saliva.

Biological Aging is the only aging that really Matters

Aging is a
Process not a 

It boils down to 9 main measurable types of changes out of which we have already covered at least 4. We Sequence several thousands of proteins to measure these changes. 

Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness – there are too many things we’re told we should do.


In the future AgeCurve aims to connect you with evidence for lifestyle changes that could benefit  your specific ageing profile. Till then, learn about the actual you with our application and establish your default profile now. 

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The following post was written by Cristina Marson, an undergraduate student studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Oxford. The original post was slightly edited. We’d like to thank Cristina for this valuable voluntary contribution to highlight and summarise an important academic paper in our line of […]
Happy to announce that we have added a new Immunity Protein Story. Mucins play a key role in the saliva with their gel-forming abilities aiding in chewing, speech, and swallowing. What makes them important in the context of aging are their protective barrier roles promoting immune […]
Last year a very interesting article was published in eLife (Rapamycin rejuvenates oral health in aging mice) by Jonathan Y An, a dentist-scientist and Acting Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. According to the authors, Rapamycin— a drug that overwhelming evidence suggests is a universal anti-aging drug extending lifespan […]