AgeCurve- World’s First Deep Age Profiling from Home


Aging is really agings, the aggregated result of multiple, diverse and separate processes. It is our science driven belief that agings’ complexity can only be captured reliably by detecting lots of molecular patterns and reporting it back to people to learn and to assess lifestyle interventions. AgeCurve measures proteins using a small amount of your saliva.

If you are a UK resident you can purchase your AgeCurve sample kit now. You can only purchase one kit now for a deep age profile as multiple kits and trajectories are disabled. Another important restriction currently is that you must have a valid gmail account registered and used throughout the signup process.

We provide a service that is compliant with the Data Protection Act to guard and secure your data. As data controllers we have several different protocols in place to protect your data privacy on different levels.

In the near future we may offer our product outside of the UK so please keep an eye on the website for updates, read the blog and sign up to our newsletter.