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Job opening: Full Stack Contract Developer

Aging is agings: a recursive definition of biological aging, slides of Longevity2020 talk

Below please find my main talk I’ve given on the 27th of April at the Defining Biological Aging session of the online conference Longevity2020, organised by Longevity Technology.

AgeCurve closed a pre-seed investment

Imagine the amount of stress involved in the following situation circa early March, 2020: a pandemic is upon us and you, the startup Founder is trying to close the first significant round of investment. Despite being sure the alignment between potential investor and startup is in a great shape, nothing else seems certain out there […]

Longevity2020 intro slides: Towards a consensus definition of biological aging

Below please find my intro talk I’ve given on the 27th of April at the Defining Biological Aging session of the online conference Longevity2020, organised by Longevity Technology.

Consensus Biological Aging Definition workshop talks happening online at Longevity2020 on the 27th of April

Due to the unprecedented lockdown situation, the previously announced Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop won’t be taking place on the 23rd of April. Instead, I’m happy to announce that the main scheduled workshop talks of the workshop will occupy now the First Day Session of the upcoming Longevity2020 online conference, called Defining […]

AgeCurve is working on an at-home COVID19 targeted proteomics saliva test

At AgeCurve we specialise in delivering direct-to-consumer personal proteomics results to provide deep aging profiles to end users by measuring proteins which contribute to several hallmark aging processes. Using non-invasive salivary collection as our source we can also measure constituents of the oral microbiome; bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity. The oral microbiome may include viruses and fungi […]

What to expect as a Gen P user? Will it determine my molecular age?

AgeCurve Limited’s mission is to provide deep molecular, comparative and non-diagnostic age profiles and later trajectories for every adult. We will generate high-dimensional biomolecular data directly to our Users and track the many things that change quantitatively. When taken multiple times across a time period these profiles will help users understand their molecular age trajectory compared to other users. So a potential user might ask: “How do you determine the molecular age”? Take our first, flagship product, Gen P that measures thousands of human proteins and bacterial proteins quantitatively from the saliva. To phrase the ‘how do you determine the molecular age’ question applied to Gen P means asking: ‘how do you determine proteomic age?’