Ever wondered what kind of activities bacteria are doing in your body, by default? Proteomics can […]
The way we envision future Gen P usage can be seen in the figure below. Once […]
We are starting to dig into the data we have already accumulated for the sole purpose […]
AgeCurve Limited’s mission is to provide deep molecular, comparative and non-diagnostic age profiles and later trajectories for every adult. We will generate high-dimensional biomolecular data directly to our Users and track the many things that change quantitatively. When taken multiple times across a time period these profiles will help users understand their molecular age trajectory compared to other users. So a potential user might ask: “How do you determine the molecular age”? Take our first, flagship product, Gen P that measures thousands of human proteins and bacterial proteins quantitatively from the saliva. To phrase the ‘how do you determine the molecular age’ question applied to Gen P means asking: ‘how do you determine proteomic age?’