For the sake of simplicity people use ‘Aging’ as a term to denote all the underlying […]
Earlier we have compared the AgeCurve style first-to-market personal proteome kit to personal genome and personal microbiome […]
Although AgeCurve is opening a new niche market in digital health by offering age focused personal […]
I had a chance to do a 5 min pitch for AgeCurve & Gen P in […]
Most of us have some ideas of what proteins are and even can tell some examples […]
AgeCurve Limited is proud to be the Meetup sponsor of Cambridge Age Tuners, a new meetup […]
  Molecular stories are an important feature for Gen P users and we are in the […]
  One of Gen P‘s crucial features are going to be different molecular stories custom-made for individual […]
Gen P measures proteins by relative abundance and so far we have talked about the most […]
Personal proteomics is the new kid on the block in personalised omics services provided directly for […]