We are finally in a position to run a pilot programme in the US. We are […]
In a recent Quartz piece called The first drugs designed to fight aging are ready for human […]
AgeCurve’s founder, Attila Csordas is giving a talk at the Meet the Founder: Pitch Perfect event at Cambridge […]
Most of us have some ideas of what proteins are and even can tell some examples […]
AgeCurve Limited is proud to be the Meetup sponsor of Cambridge Age Tuners, a new meetup […]
  Molecular stories are an important feature for Gen P users and we are in the […]
  One of Gen P‘s crucial features are going to be different molecular stories custom-made for individual […]
Gen P measures proteins by relative abundance and so far we have talked about the most […]
Ever wondered what kind of activities bacteria are doing in your body, by default? Proteomics can […]
We are starting to dig into the data we have already accumulated for the sole purpose […]