Daily Longevity

We are excited to announce that AgeCurve Limited is planning to launch Daily Longevity, a new online course on Aging and Healthspan Extension, from angles you have not seen it before.

We are putting together a Longevity Curriculum to help you learn to think on aging from the point of view of the scientist and the humanist and to think about healthspan extension like an engineer/technologist and a philosopher and also see what the artist, the psychologist and the economist might add here.

The problem

Aging and healthspan extension form a super-complex issue, when taken seriously. There are many aspects eg. chronological, biological, psychological, individual, social, economical amongst others and usual, everyday discussion tends to mix-up these different angles. On the other hand, the academic viewpoint tends to sandbox the different approaches to reach some depth in one domain at the price of not touching the rest.

The unmet need

What is missing is a course built around a curriculum that is able to combine different angles in a way to provide comprehensive, but short enough portions that can be integrated into everyday life.

The solution

Daily Longevity intends to be just the right solution, adjusted to our current age, to combine the best of both worlds, scholarly depth and everyday practicality while respecting, highlighting and not blurring different angles. The core idea of the course is to provide short, 20-30 min, daily learning materials and assignments that can be used within a limited period of time, say a month. We plan to launch the pilot course soon.

Participating in the pilot, please sign up!

The pilot course is planned to run for roughly 2 weeks with several sessions that can be used flexibly during that period. Participation in the pilot will cost ~50.00 GBP. Please sign up below if you are interested in participating in the pilot and if you think you are willing to pay ~50.00 GBP for it. The pilot will be restricted to a small amount of users as the instructor will be be quite hands-on with the participants. So hurry up with the subscription as course participation will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please sign up to the Daily Longevity mailing list below to express your interest:

The instructor

The instructor will be AgeCurve’s founder and director, Attila Csordas. Attila thinks of himself as an out of the box thinker with the restriction that he has only seen one box worth looking into since he was 14, the box of aging and healthspan extension. Please read more about Attila here and you can watch his recent talk at the Undoing Aging Conference.

Target co-learners

People with an interest to understand different aspects of aging and commitment to learn about healthspan extension.

Learning objective

To provide a comprehensive understanding on the problems of aging and on the scenarios of healthy lifespan extension by combining several angles: science (biology), interventions (engineering/technology), philosophy (bigger context, meaning), pscyhology, social (economy, politics ..), cultural (art, fiction, movies).

The course will help participants to identify the subfield of aging/longevity where they can dig deeper and potentially make a difference but also to understand and appreciate the broader context and complexity surrounding this domain.