Gen P


Our first product, Gen P will provide age profiles by quantitatively measuring thousands of human and bacterial proteins from the saliva. Gen P stands for “Generation Proteomics”.
Gen P measures proteins using a small amount of your saliva offering 5 basic features:
1. Socialising the measured features using anonymised data from other users to provide the big picture.
2. Custom-made molecular stories based on the particular abundance values measured.
3. Quantifying the human proteome, ie. thousands of human proteins.
4. Quantifying the other proteome, the microbioproteome tracking thousands of bacterial proteins
5. Establishing the core oral microbiome composition by cataloguing the bacterial species present in your mouth based on the protein detected.

In the last 10-15 years mass spectrometry based proteomics has been developed into the dominant and reliable tool to measure proteomes quantitatively. Gen P will use mass spectrometry for assaying the saliva proteome and computer algorithms to turn the raw data into interpretable results.

Proteins are arguably the main action molecules of life performing synthetic, catabolic, regulatory and structural functions within the human body. The human proteome consists of all the human proteins, including all the human protein variants in a particular tissue, organ, bodily fluid at a particular time point. Likewise the human microbiome includes all the bacterial proteins acting in the body at a particular time. By detecting thousands of these proteins quantitatively an individual can form an idea of the many functional patterns and peculiarities of the particular tissue measured. If this tissue is a fluid, like saliva, general molecular patterns will emerge. Gen P will try to capture these patterns and serve it back as an information product to the users.

Will Gen P determine my proteomic age?

No. Instead of giving you one aggregated magical number back, that might be misleading concerning the complexity and many parts of the body (tissues age differently so what number do you have in mind exactly?), Gen P users will be provided many different stories backed by tens, hundreds, thousands of meaningful numbers. See this post for further elaboration.