AgeCurve is a Cambridge, UK based startup with a simple thesis: Aging is agings underneath, the results of many separate processes mainly governed by changing protein functions. The AgeCurve App provides deep age profiles to end users by sequencing and quantifying thousands of human proteins to assess different aspects of their ongoing biological aging process and the potential effects of age-delaying interventions. The kit also measures bacterial proteins. Based on non-invasive saliva collection, the sample is sent to our partner lab and results are delivered to our users as a native web application accessible with digital devices. AgeCurve is the first ever startup using direct-to-consumer personal proteomics to provide deep age profiles to end users.

The company was founded by Attila Csordas in December, 2015, in Cambridge, UK, who currently serves as its director. Attila has picked the problem of ageing and the corresponding project of healthy lifespan extension as his exclusive professional motivation at the age of 14. After starting out as a mitochondrial and stem cell researcher, Attila turned his attention to proteomics and has been working as a proteomics bioinformatician for the past 7 years. He also has an MS degree in philosophy and in his philosophy thesis he has studied the philosophical, moral consequences of healthspan extension technologies.

The startup currently has a small but talented and dedicated team building the product and serving the early adopters.
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