In the coming weeks we plan to roll out several new aging scores. This week we have added the following two new scores:

  1. In the time of a pandemic that demonstrated how important it is to know more about the aging of our immune system, we were finally able to add an interleukin to the Immunity SuperStory, extending this ever more relevant aging hallmark with a pro-inflammatory cytokine.
  2. Proper Protein Quality Control is essential for the normal functioning of proteins. Here we were able to add a new lysosomal component, an enzyme playing important part of this proteome maintenance mechanism, complementary to the proteasome system. 

Our users can check their new results and personalised Aging Scores by logging into the AgeCurve App. Not all of the users will see the new stories showing up within the App, as we could only add new protein stories if backed up by enough proteomic evidence.
AgeCurve’s starting position is not a health scare but an aging score. We are not adding to your scare but helping you improve your score.


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