AgeCurve talk at Fourth Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing in Brussels

Earlier this November I was giving a talk at the Fourth Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing in Brussels. It was a great, like-minded audience with plenty good questions and suggestions. Let me thank here the organisers, Didier Coeurnelle and Sven Bulterijs for giving me this opportunity.

Please see abstract of the talk:

Proteins are the main action molecules of life, from enzymes through structural proteins to cell signals. Proteins serve as usually better physiological proxies of the actual human state compared to gene- or transcriptome- level measurements. No wonder proteins also play crucial and versatile roles in the different hallmark aging processes.  However proteomics approaches are clearly under-studied within longevity research and AgeCurve is amongst the first in the nascent longevity industry tying to utilise the proteomics approach to provide deep age profiles to end-users and enterprise clients. In the short talk we are introducing some suprising proteins whose expressions show significant age association, thereby helping unfold potentially novel roles proteins are playing in the aging process.

Here’s a photo by Sven Bulterijs: