Dear AgeCurve Users,

We have disabled reporting oral microbiome features within the AgeCurve App due to the following reasons:

  1. We have always been focusing on reporting deep proteomic aging patterns using expression levels of human proteins and reporting oral microbiome information next to this core information has been confusing for many users. Basically we have released an App that was 2 different products squeezed into one.
  2. Our focus on human proteins related to biological aging meant that we could not focus on reporting top level interpretation of microbiome data, so our microbiome reporting only included low level ‘raw’ information. In brief, it was not professional enough.
  3. Maintaining the microbiome component has not been economic enough for a small startup, like us without significant investment to date.

In brief, we have decided to pull the plug on the current microbiome reporting within the AgeCurve App in order to remake it from scratch to be able to tell you more by perhaps saying less.

Please let us know what you have thought of the oral microbiome component so we can learn from it by emailing





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