Read Hourglass, a new online magazine devoted to the science of longevity

Back in the old times, before the housing bubble burst, in the summer of 2008, I instigated an aging/longevity session at the prestigious Science Foo Camp (un)conference in the GooglePlex, jointly organised by Google, Nature Publishing Group and O’Reilly Media. It must have been the first of its kind at that place. I’ve attended Sci Foo in the previous year as well and pitched the idea, successfully, of such a session and recommended some candidates to Timo Hannay, one of the organisers. It was a successful pitch. There were 2 more people talking about this mini-longevity session besides me, Aubrey de Grey (who is also an AgeCurve consultant) and Chris Patil, then a postdoc at the Campisi Lab, working on senescent cells. I have probably first heard about the Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) from Chris.
Chris had a great ability to talk about longevity research in an engaging, accessible and yet accurate manner.

Now Chris and Mark Zhang are launching Hourglass Bio, officially tomorrow. Hourglass is an online magazine devoted to the science of longevity. News on aging biology for researchers, investors, and the general public. There’s already good content there. Please pay attention and boost your longevity knowledge by subscribing to Hourglass!