How alcohol consumption changes your oral microbiome

AgeCurve App users know that our application delivers the individual oral microbiome too. We are talking about hundreds of, mostly harmless, bacterial species, the permanent guests of a particular human oral cavity.

What’s more, within the AgeCurve App you can even check the actual bacterial proteins those bacteria produce and their relative quantities in your sample.

For instance here are some bacterial alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes detected in the samples, popping up by using the search term ‘alcohol’.

A recent study, published in the journal Microbiome, using data from ~1000 US adults, asked how the oral microbiome’s composition is changing due to alcohol consumption. Heavy drinking was associated with enriched presence of ActinomycesLeptotrichiaCardiobacterium, and Neisseria species, amongst others. Certain bacterial taxa (eg. Neisseria) can synthesize the human carcinogen acetaldehyde from ethanol due to expressing extremely high levels of alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme and the observed increased abundance with alcohol drinking is consistent with this enzymatic activity.