Cambridge Proteomicist Kathryn Lilley joins AgeCurve’s Advisory Board

I am thrilled to announce that Professor Kathryn Lilley, of Cambridge University, is joining AgeCurve’s Advisory Board. Kathryn is the director of Cambridge Centre for Proteomics with a deep understanding of mass spectrometry based proteomics. I was privileged to work with Kathryn before and since AgeCurve is a Cambridge-based startup it was rather predictable for us to approach local proteomics excellence. Kathryn was on top of that list. Most importantly she expressed her support of AgeCurve’s direct-to-user personal proteome approach represented by our saliva-based Gen P kit. The underlying concept is to catch and report age-related changes in large-scale protein expression levels and Kathryn will be helping us with some of the nitty-gritty scientific details of which there are plenty. Welcome and thank you, Kathryn!