Comparing personal microbiome and personal proteome services

Although AgeCurve is opening a new niche market in digital health by offering age focused personal proteome services with Gen P, it builds upon the decade long progress made by other companies in the personal omics field. Big thank for those companies for creating that market at all and nurturing it with different innovations. In Differences between personal genomics and personal proteomics I compared to what we offer to what personal genome services offer in general. In this blog post I compare Gen P (in its current form) to DNA based personal microbiome services in general.

Since AgeCurve is sequencing and quantifying thousands of bacterial proteins from the saliva, Gen P does assemble the core oral microbiome. But it does more, since by measuring expressed proteins, it provides information on what activities our guest bacteria are engaged in, actually. And this is new territory. So we have a similar take-home message as in case of comparing our service to personal genome services: measuring our guest microbiome with gene and protein centric methods does provide a complementary and not a competitive service.

Users deeply interested in quantifying their major biomolecules should pursue both services to learn as much as they can about themselves and their biology.