Pitching Gen P & AgeCurve at a DigitalHealth.London event

I had a chance to do a 5 min pitch for AgeCurve & Gen P in London at a Health Foundry event organised by DigitalHealth.London. AgeCurve was selected to do one pitch out of 5.

The London Digital Health community is one of the biggest in Europe and knowing the scale of London it means one of the biggest in the world too. DigitalHealth.London is a network at the centre of this vibrant community.

The event was good, professionally organised and well attended. The AgeCurve pitch invited many questions and comments, during the informal chat after the pitch I had many people coming over, introducing themselves and asking for details, from hedge fund managers, fellow startuppers, clinicians to potential Gen P Beta users. I had the impression that there were more people interested in talking with me, sorry I missed the chance, but feel free to contact us on twitter or subscribe to our mailing list.

Thank you for the invitation. I am planning on attending future events too.