Differences between personal genomics and personal proteomics

Personal proteomics is the new kid on the block in personalised omics services provided directly for end users. Many potential Gen P users will naturally try to compare the service provided by us to the service provided by mature personal genomics providers. These users will ask questions like: What else can I learn about myself through Gen P that I have not learned through my personal genotyping service? What is the relationship between the molecules measured here and there? In the table below we try to highlight the main differences between a currently dominant form of personal genomics, personal genotyping through measuring single-nucleotide DNA polymorhpisms and our very own personal proteomics service, called Gen P. Since AgeCurve Limited is the first in the market to provide a personal proteomics kit, we are in a good situation to define the characteristics of this market. The take-home message is this: Personal genomics and personal proteomics are complementary, not competitive, services. Users deeply interested in quantifying their major biomolecules should pursue both services to learn as much as they can about themselves and their biology.