Monthly Archives: January 2021

Health and its Hallmarks

At its simplest health is the absence of a disease or disorder — that is a negative definition — and scientists have spent decades trying to study and define “the disease” i.e. The Hallmarks of Cancer, or even The Hallmarks of Aging the product of accumulating disorders. At the end, this negative definition of health has led […]

Longevity and ongoing Clinical Trials (part 2)

In the first part of this blog (link) I summarised some of the clinical trials currently investigating therapies aiming to slow down the biological aging process. Keep in mind that none of these therapies directly use aging as their clinical endpoint. In fact, most clinical trials measure a therapy’s efficacy with respect to a specific age-related […]

Longevity and ongoing Clinical Trials (part 1)

The still early-stage longevity industry has grown in the past 4 years from a neglected and underfunded domain of R&D into what is now claimed a trillion-dollar industry, spanning thousands of active companies across almost every continent. Right now, anti-aging therapies are already being tested in human patients, and different strategies are being tried, some summarised […]

Herb-secrets from the Ikarian blue zone diet for a healthier and longer life

Icaria, also spelled Ikaria, is a tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea, considered one of the world’s top five “Blue Zones“. A blue zone, namely a place where the population regularly lives to an advanced age, can be found also in the Italian island of Sardinia, in Okinawa Japan, in Loma Linda California and in […]