Monthly Archives: July 2020

New Protein Story added to AgeCurve App: Zombie Cells

Cellular senescence, the presence of no longer functioning, but also not disappearing ‘zombie’ cells is a well-known hallmark of biological aging.  This week, we have added our second protein score to our Lack of Frail Cells SuperStory, a protease inhibitor.  Please see for instance this study by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Our users can […]

New Protein Stories added to AgeCurve App: Immune Aging and Protein Guards

In the coming weeks we plan to roll out several new aging scores. This week we have added the following two new scores: In the time of a pandemic that demonstrated how important it is to know more about the aging of our immune system, we were finally able to add an interleukin to the Immunity SuperStory, extending […]