Monthly Archives: January 2017

Pitching Gen P & AgeCurve at a DigitalHealth.London event

I had a chance to do a 5 min pitch for AgeCurve & Gen P in London at a¬†Health Foundry¬†event organised by DigitalHealth.London. AgeCurve was selected to do one pitch out of 5. Our final #5x5x5pitch comes from @agecurve's GenP – a 'molecular fitbit' to track your aging process @health_foundry — DigitalHealth.London (@DHealthLDN) January 19, […]

Gen P users have their proteomes sequenced, but what is a proteome anyway?

Most of us have some ideas of what proteins are and even can tell some examples by name and function. Fitness enthusiasts & gym lovers usually know about actin or even myosin and their role in muscle contractions. Health-conscious eaters and nutritionists know about ovalbumin, the major protein found in eggs. Careful parents might know […]