New Protein Story added to AgeCurve App: Zombie Cells

Cellular senescence, the presence of no longer functioning, but also not disappearing ‘zombie’ cells is a well-known hallmark of biological aging.  This week, we have added our second protein score to our Lack of Frail Cells SuperStory, a protease inhibitor.  Please see for instance this study by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Our users can […]

It’s agings, not just aging: how the AgeCurve kit covers separate underlying processes

For the sake of simplicity people use ‘Aging’ as a term to denote all the underlying processes behind this most complex biological phenomenon, experienced by most and happening in all human adults during their lifetime. Laypeople and scientists alike use the singular form, while in the light of recent research (think of the last couple decades) it’s […]

Gen P Molecular Stories: proteome maintenance, ubiquitin

  Molecular stories are an important feature for Gen P users and we are in the middle of implementing them. Last time we have talked about adaptive immunity where we have consistent quantitative output on some of the immunoglobulin protein players to make a molecular story about this important protein subsystem that is the prime line […]

Gen P Molecular Stories: adaptive immunity

  One of Gen P‘s crucial features are going to be different molecular stories custom-made for individual users based on the particular protein abundance values measured. These proteins might be human host proteins but can also come from the bacteria that inhabit the human saliva. We are going to have stories using both types of proteins […]