My journey into science, research and technology started back in 1997, in central Italy, during an […]
SeedLegals is running a detailed interview with our Founder/CEO called AgeCurve: a longevity investment story during […]
Happy to announce that we have added a new Nuclear Changes SuperStory, currently including one histone […]
Skills, experience:  Experience in handling fast-paced operations Strong interpersonal skills Legal awareness and strong understanding and […]
Cellular senescence, the presence of no longer functioning, but also not disappearing ‘zombie’ cells is a […]
In the coming weeks we plan to roll out several new aging scores. This week we […]
Below please find my main talk I’ve given on the 27th of April at the Defining Biological […]
Imagine the amount of stress involved in the following situation circa early March, 2020: a pandemic […]
Below please find my intro talk I’ve given on the 27th of April at the Defining […]