AgeCurve at Health Horizons in Cambridge

AgeCurve Founder and Director, Attila Csordas was invited to participate in the Healthy Longevity panel and give a startup showcase talk on AgeCurve at the Health Horizons Conference in Cambridge, UK.

Three links in aging and longevity #3

Grandmothers, longevity, proximity; three cheers for Grandmothers! ‘Grandmother effect’ helps explain human longevity Two new studies, both published in Current Biology, strengthen this notion. An analysis of church birth and death records in Finland for individuals born between 1731 and 1890 showed that having a maternal grandmother between 50 and 75 years of age while […]

Old people are pioneers, forming the expanding wavefront of the living

Let’s start personal: I’m into understanding biologically aging and boosting healthy longevity since I was 14. Several decades later, in early middle age the same commitment is the main motivational drive behind working on AgeCurve. Since my teenage commitment got me into aging research and science, I became sensitive and appreciative towards the issues that […]

New Aging Super Story added to AgeCurve App: Metabolism

One of the best known hallmarks of aging is related to metabolic alterations. Metabolism covers diverse processes providing new building blocks and energy for the body via the digestion of food. We have finally added a Metabolism Super Story backed by several underlying Protein Stories! Our users can check their Metabolism results and personalised Aging Scores by […]

Palaeoproteomics of ancient proteins shows fact-checking’s future in humanities

Sam Knight, a staff writer at The New Yorker wrote a wonderful piece on the rise of palaeoproteomics, and as a side effect he helped to advance the mainstream understanding on what high-throughput mass spec proteomics (AgeCurve’s main method) can deliver.

AgeCurve talk at Fourth Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing in Brussels

Earlier this November I was giving a talk at the Fourth Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing in Brussels. It was a great, like-minded audience with plenty good questions and suggestions. Let me thank here the organisers, Didier Coeurnelle and Sven Bulterijs for giving me this opportunity. Please see abstract of the talk: Proteins are the main action […]

NHS prevention plan for explicitly longer and healthier lives: a historical first longevity initiative?

A BBC piece called NHS prevention plan aims to boost life expectancy tells us about a prevention plan that might be a historical first longevity initiative at such a governmental scale: In his speech later, Mr Hancock is expected to set out his aim for people to have five more years of healthy, independent life by […]

AgeCurve talk at Longevity World Forum in Valencia, Spain

AgeCurve’s founder and director, Attila Csordas has been invited to give a talk and participate in a panel discussion at the inaugural Longevity World Forum on the 8th of November in Valencia, Spain. The talk is entitled ‘AgeCurve, proteomics and extending healthspan: from free solo to aided rock climbing’.

Read Hourglass, a new online magazine devoted to the science of longevity

Back in the old times, before the housing bubble burst, in the summer of 2008, I instigated an aging/longevity session at the prestigious Science Foo Camp (un)conference in the GooglePlex, jointly organised by Google, Nature Publishing Group and O’Reilly Media. It must have been the first of its kind at that place. I’ve attended Sci […]

New Research: Fisetin as a potential supplement to extend health and lifespan

Study: Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan Publication status and journal: Open Access in EBioMedicine published by The Lancet. Motivation behind study: Some drugs have senolytic activities, clearing out senescent cells but they also have considerable toxicity. Earlier, quercetin a flavonoid, used as a cheap supplement, shown some senotherapeutic promise as well. The […]