Beautiful Skin and Dermatologic Nutraceuticals (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog ✍🏻 (you can find it here) I discussed the theoretical action and the clinical benefits of some dermatologic nutraceuticals such as carotenoids, fatty acids, NAC and minerals, used as anti-aging natural remedies for the skin and reviewed in this article 📚📉🔬: Nutraceuticals: A Review, by Skylar A. Souyoul, Katharine P. Saussy and […]

Beautiful Skin and Dermatologic Nutraceuticals (Part 1)

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and is continuously influenced by both internal and external factors. The internal factors are part of the natural aging process within cells (The Nine Hallmarks of Aging), that can be accelerated by external factors— such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, tobacco and inadequate nutrition— that cause the production of reactive […]

Longevity Genes: Mind Time and Food

Basically, different people or different cultures, age at different rates and some tend to age more gracefully than others simply because of their genes and their environment. But aging is also about time and time perception. Time perception is a construction of the brain. How fast we perceive time to be passing — or â€śmindtime” — can be manipulated or distorted, with our […]

Why you must keep your mitochondria happy and how

⚡️Mitochondria, power, energy and sex have evolved together for billions of years  Around 2 billion years ago the single-celled microorganisms archaea â€” similar to bacteria but evolutionarily distinct from bacteria — were invaded by the bacteria alpha-proteobacterium. After tolerating the bacteria for a while, however, the invaded archaea evolved (became smarter) and took advantage of the bacteria, ending up […]

Healthy aging and vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (backed by science)

In the following study Prolonging healthy aging: Longevity vitamins and proteins, the association or causality between various diseases of aging and a number of vitamins and mineral deficiencies has been analyzed—by screening the literature — and the results indicated that vitamins, minerals and fatty acids promoting longevity actually do exist! Let’s see some examples now:  Vitamin D 🌝 🔬 Extensive evidence […]

A story about lifespan, longevity mentality and a drug cocktail that might reverse aging

From Jane Austen to the curious case of Benjamin Button  “Elizabeth! Very well. Time will explain”, is a quote from Jane Austen’s last novel Persuasion, and the phrase was a reference to the future by Anne Elliot, a young English woman of 27 years, that felt she could determine nothing at present.  Austen wrote Persuasion […]

Aging, because beautiful old people are works of art

Cover Photo by Tyler Milligan on Unsplash The Nine Hallmarks of Aging and AgeCurve Aging (spelled ageing in British English) is a constant reminder of the passage of time and its purpose is a question that has intrigued and puzzled scientists for centuries. Aging is the process of becoming older, that involves a series of functional changes that appear […]

Hi, I am Marina T AgeCurve’s new Content Creator for “Longevity Tours”

My journey into science, research and technology started back in 1997, in central Italy, during an undergraduate student internship in biological sciences. During that internship I immediately fell in love with the microscope as soon as I started using it, as it allowed me to explore and observe a whole new, at the time, microscopic and […]

SeedLegals Founder story featuring AgeCurve

SeedLegals is running a detailed interview with our Founder/CEO called AgeCurve: a longevity investment story during the time of a pandemic.

New Nuclear Changes SuperStory with Histones

Happy to announce that we have added a new Nuclear Changes SuperStory, currently including one histone protein abundance report. Histones are the main packaging components of chromosomes in the cell nucleus and play important roles in gene regulation. This way they can contribute to two hallmark aging processes: genomic instability and epigenetic changes. Our users can […]