Differences between personal genomics and personal proteomics

Personal proteomics is the new kid on the block in personalised omics services provided directly for end users. Many potential Gen P users will naturally try to compare the service provided by us to the service provided by mature personal genomics providers. These users will ask questions like: What else can I learn about myself through […]

Most abundant bacterial proteins

Ever wondered what kind of activities bacteria are doing in your body, by default? Proteomics can provide one high-throughput and high-powered answer here by measuring the expressed proteins and thereby their actual activities. With Gen P we will offer you a deep look into this very world built upon your human body. The table below shows […]

Gen P’s role in the quantified self feedback cycle

The way we envision future Gen P usage can be seen in the figure below. Once you started to use Gen P and set up a baseline consisting of multiple time points, the patterns provided by thousands of actually expressed and quantified proteins start to talk. Add enough self-reported metadata by users on their habits […]

Most abundant human saliva proteins

We are starting to dig into the data we have already accumulated for the sole purpose of informing our actual and potential users. While being educational is important, this is not a scientific analysis per se but concerning our product, Gen P, it is naturally using scientific concepts. Nevertheless even scientists can benefit from the data […]

What to expect as a Gen P user? Will it determine my molecular age?

AgeCurve Limited’s mission is to provide deep molecular, comparative and non-diagnostic age profiles and later trajectories for every adult. We will generate high-dimensional biomolecular data directly to our Users and track the many things that change quantitatively. When taken multiple times across a time period these profiles will help users understand their molecular age trajectory compared to other users. So a potential user might ask: “How do you determine the molecular age”? Take our first, flagship product, Gen P that measures thousands of human proteins and bacterial proteins quantitatively from the saliva. To phrase the ‘how do you determine the molecular age’ question applied to Gen P means asking: ‘how do you determine proteomic age?’