Argument in STATNews by our director on building a consensus definition of biological aging

AgeCurve’s director, Attila Csordas published an opinion piece in STATNews, a usual destination for serious life sciences, pharma and biotech industry. Attila develops three consecutive steps — empirical, philosophical, and computational — that can be taken to create a good definition of biological aging. He analyses existing definitions, offers criteria for a good definition and […]

Sampling from biological aging definitions: ‘Ageotype’ paper, 2020

Ahead of our Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop, happening on the 23rd of April in Cambridge, we start a blog series featuring different definitions from the literature and from researchers around. These definitions will show important elements of the concept while also demonstrating how highly idiosyncratic these definitions are. Thereby supporting the […]

Aubrey de Grey is confirmed speaker at the Consensus Biological Aging Definition workshop

It’s my pleasure to announce that Aubrey de Grey is a confirmed participant and speaker at our Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop, happening on the 23rd of April, 2020, in Cambridge, UK. Aubrey is the Chief Scientific Officer of SENS Research Foundation and also an AgeCurve advisor. Most importantly, he is a […]

Preliminary study gives hints at different individual aging trajectories

Using different molecular omics data, spanning 2-3 years and 106 healthy individuals a study looked into personal aging markers and pathway enrichment analysis to make suggestions of different ‘ageotypes’ existing at an individual level. omics: transcriptomics on peripheral blood mononuclear cells, proteomics/metabolomics on plasma,  cytokine assays on serum, nasal and gut microbiome using 16S RNA […]

Healthy habits might add an extra healthy decade to your life but for more we need new longevity technology

You might have seen the headlines about a new study linking healthy lifestyle habits with living healthier for up to a decade longer meaning delaying the onset of chronic age-associated conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The original peer-reviewed study is open access and is called Healthy lifestyle and life expectancy free of cancer, […]

Growing understanding of accumulating somatic mutations in healthy human tissues contributing to aging

Single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing made it possible to track the accumulation of somatic mutations during the lifetime of an organism. This emerging sub- discipline is explicitly called somatic evolution and it already delivered the result of showing how somatic mutant clones, harbouring cancer-associated mutations accumulate in the human esophagus with age, using only a […]

Video of Founder’s London talk on Cell Lineage Trees and Comprehensive Rejuvenation

Below please see the talk of Attila’s at the Aikora Health event called Longevity – How Humans Will Live Longer and Prosper.