The following post was written by Cristina Marson, an undergraduate student studying Biomedical Sciences at the University […]
AgeCurve’s director, Attila Csordas published an opinion piece in STATNews, a usual destination for serious life […]
Ahead of our Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop, happening on the 23rd of […]
It’s my pleasure to announce that Aubrey de Grey is a confirmed participant and speaker at […]
Using different molecular omics data, spanning 2-3 years and 106 healthy individuals a study looked into […]
You might have seen the headlines about a new study linking healthy lifestyle habits with living […]
Single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing made it possible to track the accumulation of somatic mutations during […]
Below please see the talk of Attila’s at the Aikora Health event called Longevity – How Humans […]