Digital Health

It’s agings, not just aging: how the AgeCurve kit covers separate underlying processes

For the sake of simplicity people use ‘Aging’ as a term to denote all the underlying processes behind this most complex biological phenomenon, experienced by most and happening in all human adults during their lifetime. Laypeople and scientists alike use the singular form, while in the light of recent research (think of the last couple decades) it’s […]

Comparing personal microbiome and personal proteome services

Although AgeCurve is opening a new niche market in digital health by offering age focused personal proteome services with Gen P, it builds upon the decade long progress made by other companies in the personal omics field. Big thank for those companies for creating that market at all and nurturing it with different innovations. In Differences […]

Pitching Gen P & AgeCurve at a DigitalHealth.London event

I had a chance to do a 5 min pitch for AgeCurve & Gen P in London at a Health Foundry event organised by DigitalHealth.London. AgeCurve was selected to do one pitch out of 5. Our final #5x5x5pitch comes from @agecurve's GenP – a 'molecular fitbit' to track your aging process @health_foundry — DigitalHealth.London (@DHealthLDN) January 19, […]