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How alcohol consumption changes your oral microbiome

AgeCurve App users know that our application delivers the individual oral microbiome too. We are talking about hundreds of, mostly harmless, bacterial species, the permanent guests of a particular human oral cavity. What’s more, within the AgeCurve App you can even check the actual bacterial proteins those bacteria produce and their relative quantities in your sample. […]

AgeCurve Founder’s talk at Undoing Aging Conference

Please see YouTube video below, many thanks to the organisers!

AgeCurve Founder’s talk at the upcoming Undoing Aging conference

AgeCurve’s founder and director, Attila Csordas has been invited to give a talk at the upcoming Undoing Aging, 2018 conference, in Berlin, organised by the SENS Research Foundation and the Forever Healthy Foundation. The conference features heavyweights of molecular biogerontology worldwide, both from academy and the biomedical industry. Attila is scheduled to talk on the […]

Launching a limited AgeCurve pilot in the US!

We are finally in a position to run a pilot programme in the US. We are now offering a chance for some curious, early adopter Americans to understand what deep age and deep agings profiling mean according to AgeCurve’s view focusing on proteins via personal proteomics. Please email us over at if interested. Thank you.

Cellular senescence: zombie cells and matrix metalloproteinases

In a recent Quartz piece called The first drugs designed to fight aging are ready for human testing, the journalist W. Harry Fortuna provides an excellent and pictorial description of the important biological process, cellular senescence: Senolytics target a known mechanism of aging, cell senescence. Normally, cells die a “complete” death known as apoptosis. Senescence is […]

AgeCurve Founder’s talk at an SIU event at Cambridge University

AgeCurve’s founder, Attila Csordas is giving a talk at the Meet the Founder: Pitch Perfect event at Cambridge University. The event is organised by The Science Innovation Union, an entrepreneurs-led not-for-profit organization with over 2,500 members across London, Cambridge, Oxford, Frankfurt.

Gen P users have their proteomes sequenced, but what is a proteome anyway?

Most of us have some ideas of what proteins are and even can tell some examples by name and function. Fitness enthusiasts & gym lovers usually know about actin or even myosin and their role in muscle contractions. Health-conscious eaters and nutritionists know about ovalbumin, the major protein found in eggs. Careful parents might know […]

Cambridge Age Tuners meetup launch

AgeCurve Limited is proud to be the Meetup sponsor of Cambridge Age Tuners, a new meetup group focusing on ageing & short- or long-term age-delaying interventions.

Gen P Molecular Stories: proteome maintenance, ubiquitin

  Molecular stories are an important feature for Gen P users and we are in the middle of implementing them. Last time we have talked about adaptive immunity where we have consistent quantitative output on some of the immunoglobulin protein players to make a molecular story about this important protein subsystem that is the prime line […]

Gen P Molecular Stories: adaptive immunity

  One of Gen P‘s crucial features are going to be different molecular stories custom-made for individual users based on the particular protein abundance values measured. These proteins might be human host proteins but can also come from the bacteria that inhabit the human saliva. We are going to have stories using both types of proteins […]