The following post was written by Cristina Marson, an undergraduate student studying Biomedical Sciences at the University […]
Happy to announce that we have added a new Immunity Protein Story. Mucins play a key […]
Last year a very interesting article was published in eLife (Rapamycin rejuvenates oral health in aging mice) […]
Sclerocarya birrea, commonly known as the marula, is a medium-sized tree, indigenous to the woodlands of Southern […]
At its simplest health is the absence of a disease or disorder — that is a […]
In the first part of this blog (link) I summarised some of the clinical trials currently […]
The still early-stage longevity industry has grown in the past 4 years from a neglected and underfunded […]
Icaria, also spelled Ikaria, is a tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea, considered one of the […]
In the first part of this blog ✍🏻 (you can find it here) I discussed the theoretical […]
Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and is continuously influenced by both internal and […]