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SeedLegals Founder story featuring AgeCurve

SeedLegals is running a detailed interview with our Founder/CEO called AgeCurve: a longevity investment story during the time of a pandemic.

New Nuclear Changes SuperStory with Histones

Happy to announce that we have added a new Nuclear Changes SuperStory, currently including one histone protein abundance report. Histones are the main packaging components of chromosomes in the cell nucleus and play important roles in gene regulation. This way they can contribute to two hallmark aging processes: genomic instability and epigenetic changes. Our users can […]

AgeCurve Job opening: Operations Manager

Skills, experience:  Experience in handling fast-paced operations Strong interpersonal skills Legal awareness and strong understanding and sensitivity concerning personal data privacy Technical skills to report technical problems Quantitative skills Adaptability to new tasks Roles: At least 5 levels: Managing kit assembly. Day-to-day handling of the B2C workflow including all communications with end users. Education, training […]

New Protein Story added to AgeCurve App: Zombie Cells

Cellular senescence, the presence of no longer functioning, but also not disappearing ‘zombie’ cells is a well-known hallmark of biological aging.  This week, we have added our second protein score to our Lack of Frail Cells SuperStory, a protease inhibitor.  Please see for instance this study by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Our users can […]

New Protein Stories added to AgeCurve App: Immune Aging and Protein Guards

In the coming weeks we plan to roll out several new aging scores. This week we have added the following two new scores: In the time of a pandemic that demonstrated how important it is to know more about the aging of our immune system, we were finally able to add an interleukin to the Immunity SuperStory, extending […]

Argument in STATNews by our director on building a consensus definition of biological aging

AgeCurve’s director, Attila Csordas published an opinion piece in STATNews, a usual destination for serious life sciences, pharma and biotech industry. Attila develops three consecutive steps — empirical, philosophical, and computational — that can be taken to create a good definition of biological aging. He analyses existing definitions, offers criteria for a good definition and […]

Longevity Technology interview with our founding director and some good news

The new, longevity industry focused website, Longevity Technology is running an interview with our Founder/Director Attila Csordas, called Proteomics and biological age measurement. The quotes below are from the original, much more detailed version of the interview. Longevity Technology: What is your current funding situation? Attila Csordas: We are about to close our first serious funding round. Now […]

Tickets and programme for Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop

The event page of the upcoming Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop is now up with more information on the programme, speakers and tickets.

Sampling from biological aging definitions: ‘Ageotype’ paper, 2020

Ahead of our Towards a consensus definition of biological aging workshop, happening on the 23rd of April in Cambridge, we start a blog series featuring different definitions from the literature and from researchers around. These definitions will show important elements of the concept while also demonstrating how highly idiosyncratic these definitions are. Thereby supporting the […]

Preliminary study gives hints at different individual aging trajectories

Using different molecular omics data, spanning 2-3 years and 106 healthy individuals a study looked into personal aging markers and pathway enrichment analysis to make suggestions of different ‘ageotypes’ existing at an individual level. omics: transcriptomics on peripheral blood mononuclear cells, proteomics/metabolomics on plasma,  cytokine assays on serum, nasal and gut microbiome using 16S RNA […]